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    Under such circumstances, they need the Jinling government to maintain a high level of political stability and popular stability. The trajectory of the Shiqun brothers in the Jinling government was a concrete expression of Japan's support for the Jinling government and won over the people. loyalty to Japan will be You can have high officials, high salaries, glory and wealth. The Japanese military ministry also believes that if loyal supporters and meritorious ministers like Brother Lian Shiqun are suppressed and eliminated, this will be an extremely dangerous signal to pro-Japanese people throughout the country. Jinling government department, and will make people waver. and then out of fear did things that were not beneficial to Japan and the Jinling government, such as secretly colluding with the Yamashiro government."

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    "Kenshiro Shibayama came to Beiping to find me, hoping I could appear to persuade Li Shiqun to give up power in his hands, take the initiative to resign from the position of Chairman Wang's provincial chairman, and revoke the Secret Service Headquarters, temporarily kept his status as Minister of Investigation and Statistics, and continued to hold the position of Central Political Commissar. Standing member and military committee member, he stayed in Kim Lang to work, but I did not agree with him, so I found him. excuse to refuse." Qingqi Qingyin said.

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