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    So in general, if you want to change your initial perception, this is extremely difficult. You need more spheres of light with more thinking and understanding to form a more macroscopic and easier-to-understand concept for you. autonomously. So from this point, we can see how much pain Vuong Han is in right now. This is something he has continuously denied. This is at least because of his powerful computing ability and ability to independently maintain the sphere. the light of one's own thinking. can maintain the thinking light ball and the core thinking light ball very well, otherwise, if you continue to subvert your own perception, you will eventually not know whether you live or die, and the result is The whole person's thinking light bridge will be completely destroyed. Confused, in that situation, you are actually in a completely crazy situation. The core thinking light ball doesn't know whether you should listen to the logic given by the left thinking light ball or the right light thinking block, the shadow has passed... Well done, if this time appears add a third party, then people will directly go crazy.

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    This was a solution that Lanning Situ finally came up with after thinking for an hour, because Wang Han was not someone who liked to talk nonsense in Lanning Situ's eyes, and he had to decisively admit his mistake. his, then he directly moved out. Lanning Xiaoxi, taking advantage of the relationship between Lanning Xiaoxi and Wang Han, and then helping himself defend himself, then under normal circumstances, Wang Han should see that he will directly let himself have a way out to save his face. Lanning Xiaoxi, then as long as he can survive, he must have the opportunity to make money. The only key is that he must not lose his reputation now. Once his reputation is ruined, his reputation will be ruined. Love will really go against what he thinks!

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    Then he went to feel the long knife, inside the long knife there was a feeling of cutting a horse, but compared to his current rat-headed body, this long knife was still too long, and all of them were only afraid of two meters long. , this weapon is not suitable for him to use now, not to mention this type of long knife normally represents the main weapon. If he uses this long knife to fight, then it must be this type of fight. "replace" "Serious battle with "replaced", but the destructive power of this long knife is too amazing. Finally after replacing another person, the result is that the other person's body is in tatters. Isn't this completely funny?

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    Originally there were two Life Stones, but now there is only one Life Stone made from pure gold material, and the Life memory in the memory is also made from golden material, even though there is no way to preserve it. Original things, this is still impossible, if you can't get it, you can't take it away. This is the rule established by Nguyen Nguyen Kim, unless one day Vuong Han can break this rule, otherwise he can only silently follow the rules set by others.

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    Of course, next to this giant white pill, there are many illusory medicinal pills. Besides that white medicinal pill, there are other white medicinal pills, all of which are soaked in pure gold. dazzling, there really is a beauty like golden soup in there, luxurious like golden soup, "it turns out that the golden element is the ocean, so whether it is white pill or illusion pill, it is like water bubbles in the sea, so So it has amazing similarities with the Void Animal Breeding Cabin!"

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    If that's the case, then this village, which has no idea of loneliness, is an inviolable existence!

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    Just do as he said, Vuong Han immediately used the yellow vitality to condense a small ball, then pressed the small ball into a virtual shadow pill, also condensing a small ball identical to the pill. There, then in Hu Loan began to compare. everything about these two little balls.

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    So it has nothing to do with me, if the quality itself does not change, it may not be enough to use it all, or if the total number of cakes is so large, war is inevitable, the more rational behavior is to wage war directly from culture. Directly uproot the enemy's culture from the root system. When the time comes, the so-called countries and counties are essentially cultural differences. In essence, they are just a feeling of oneness. If the enemy passes the most Then the stupid approach, using dictatorship to brutally suppress the spread of this type of culture, and not caring about the export of our own culture, in the end and it will be defeated. . Basically, the reason people stay together is because they have the same hobbies or beliefs, either like playing games or fishing. These big hobbies and small hobbies that I mentioned in the Elemental School era can still be used now. But it should be noted that there is a premise, the premise is that the entire state and district are stable, otherwise, no matter how strong the big preferences are, they will split under the situation of unfair benefits, the so-called not being afraid of poverty, but afraid of injustice. It's just that this kind of injustice cannot be avoided. This is the only way for states and districts to develop normally. What is needed is macro control of the center. Now the center is at least on the stability of the state-district alliance. It was done very well, the overall situation was very stable, everything was fair and open, the origin and removal of all computing power were clear, and no one was going to say anything.

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    It's just that at this moment, Vuong Han suddenly smiled and added: "But I can basically see my failure now."

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    Vuong Han is not sure, he still knows too little about the entire mysterious world, and many things are rumors, that is the only basic elements he can refer to now, but the elements This basic thing is not 100% reliable, so Vuong Han cannot completely trust the judgment that his subconscious makes about this kind of thing. He should try his best to remember some things that have happened. happened at the scene, prepare to recall when there is a chance to recall. future Think of it as a reference, he's done these things before.

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    But after hearing what Li Dayou said, Wang Han knew why Lanning Situ wanted Lanning Xiaoxi to go to Zhanzheng academy. He also knew that his relatives were all trash, and they were all snobs. development, it is not a phone call, once it is developed, seventh uncle and eighth aunt will start coming, fortunately, the whole project is still in his hands, just this project always in their hands. In the hands of the Ninh family, they will not collapse, on the contrary, they will easily collapse directly. In this way, Lanning Xiaoxi is the only seedling of the entire Lanning family... No wonder... No wonder.

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    Vuong Han glanced at the struggling skeleton on the second floor from the corner of his eye, but it had no effect at all. He looked directly at the ground next to the third floor, which was respectful, but now He doesn't care about it. As long as he finds the black cat's body, quickly eliminating it is the wisest choice!

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    “So dirty?” Daier was surprised, "What exactly is the process?"

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    About Tu Hai, there are not only a few records. In the records, it seems that Tu Hai existed in this district when humans were first born, but the area at that time... Well, we shouldn't use the area aspect. description, It must be In terms of volume, is it a sphere after all? Its volume seems to be only half of what it is now, but after thousands of years have passed, it has slowly reached its current position." That is, before the Void Animal Breeding Chamber, Tu Hai in That already has this concept of self-expansion, so it can't be said that Tu Hai's expansion was caused by Hu Duong Hu Hu, it can only be said that it's possible. However, even if the cabin that houses the animals is not related, it has nothing to do with it. to this matter, it's better to stop, otherwise I've been waiting here for ten years, and I haven't said that I've seen anything new. Every day, people who don't know anything are immediately turned into Even though they say I'm The loser is a bit exaggerated, I shouldn't completely lose interest."

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    Cannibalistic? No, I'm not good at this. When Vuong Han saw Dai Nhi say that, he didn't pay attention, then said: "So you also know the reason why you have this shaggy dog. ​The form now is mainly to see that part of the heart." your soul?"

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    looked around a bit and discovered that this blood clan and other county clans are really different. People from other clans and counties also more or less have interstellar stations, especially those clans that are more developed than one. bit like the human clan and the states and districts of their interstellar train stations have many other existences from different states and districts, this makes the entire interstellar train station The stars look even more colorful. But this blood clan is completely different, the entire interstellar station is empty, the whole thing is engulfed in red forest fire, everyone really has no idea of cleaning up the interstellar station, and They have made it clear that they do not want others to visit and play in the state and district of their bloodline.

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    And after Vuong Han left the Ly Dai You family, he returned to Tu Hai beach. With a simple memory and comparison of the two people's words, he could roughly guess the situation at that time, "Actually, This also did not appear naturally." suddenly appeared out of thin air. The monsters in the Sea of Void do not have the ability to directly interfere with outsiders. It can only be said to directly intervene when the opponent enters the Sea of Void, and it seems that it does not have the same ability as the possessor, it can only add a little light of basic thinking to the opponent's head. And all of this is because that time Lanning Situ got drunk, it was really a mistake to drink."