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    “Hey, hello!” Lanning Xiaoxi waved her small hand back and forth in front of Wang Han. After she said many words, she suddenly discovered that the boy in front of her had stopped talking, “You won't sleep, right? !Then while I was talking, you fell asleep, aren't you looking down on me too much!?"

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    Okay. Vuong Han slowly nodded, thinking for a moment, "Well... Just like they said, simply offering a little computing power like that is no way to permanently solve the problem of lack of computing power." computing power per month Yes, in more cases these computing powers are only used to improve their lives and not the center will be fully responsible for increasing the power of these people in the future. , so that they can buy it from the center at a very cheap price. Methods, with these methods, they can reduce their investment time and directly see the ready-made things, and after seeing see them, it may be helpful to their understanding of the source."

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    And this Ly Lo Nguyen's own strength should be very strong, to be able to show this kind of smiling existence, it should not be limited to the family's power, but his own strength should not be much. many problems, so we can. I am not sure. Will I be able to achieve some percentage of victory in the next battle, but just like what Li Luyuan said, let's fight first, the opponent most wants to know what my strength is, and At most they want to use I The situation here is to understand some things about Lanning Xiaoxi's father, and there will be no unbearable conflict between me and them." Wang Han then thought about it comfortably. roof, and he still respects his opponent. can put aside, the key is to learn from each other to improve each other's understanding of source quality weaving.

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    How do you choose? An elder looked at an elder, both heads of hair were relatively sparse, this was also a bit miserable for the elf gang, their normal age hair fell out in clumps, falling out, in other words an example More vividly, the individuals of the Tinh Linh district when young, have hair as thick as willows, when they get old, they directly change a species, from a willow tree with luxuriant leaves and branches to a bare cactus, round head, two pointy ears, combined with a pear-like head with spikes, this was an extremely confusing place in the Elemental Lands, and equally confusing was Lanning Wang Han's current attitude.

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    Now I can't understand the relationship between the two. When Porphyrin said this, he was really jealous of Ganqian, and he was still a little jealous, in the future, I still want to pretend to be my master in front of Wang Han, now he is laughing and licking his face asked Qianqian to secretly take two. After all, there are so many Qianqians, so taking three, four, five, six, seven, eight should not be a big problem, but considering Vuong Han's strength and old face. , he thought about it and had no choice but to ignore it, he could only look at Qianqian emotionally, "What the hell is this?" Being pampered like that, how could you do this kind of behavior? If you weren't his uncle, I would definitely think you were his daughter! Moreover, he is the type of only child who grew up! Let me give it first. You also know, I directly inserted a God and Demon scroll into you... This has already paved the way for you, but it depends on your future fighting ability. It exploded!"

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    Now no one is still limited in the battle just now, after seeing a scene just now, almost everyone is immersed in the power of the skill essence, it would be great if they later have such power. The kind of power that surpassed the power an R-class could have! Great! !

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    “That's right…” Mi Qiyun breathed a sigh of relief, she was about to ask Mi Qixin if she needed to eat something to calm down, but before saying food, she thought of another question, “No… . .. If the elder asks us to contact Lan Ninh Vuong Han, what should we do? Isn't this directly disturbing the other party! And this man must really not want to be disturbed!?"

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    Ha ha, I don't know exactly what happened, just suddenly one day, many monsters rushed towards our yard from afar, I didn't react at that time, when I really reacted. In response, it was too late when everyone was told to retreat and hide in the yard. A lot of people were beheaded, and there weren't many left. After this group of monsters retreated once, we thought it might happen. Anyway, it's a coincidence, something like this has never happened before, and it will be like this for the next half a year, no monsters will come to the yard to attack us anymore! But about On our side, we don't need to worry about everything. When you can continue to practice slowly according to the previous training plan, they will return!

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    Okay, then it's me, don't be afraid of me, if this old guy is a stable and trustworthy person, then I am even more so. Vuong Ham smiled at Giang Lam Phong and said proudly. , "First, I won't have any different opinions from you because of certain things, second, you don't need to worry about my plot against you. I am an existence that can cultivate in twenty years of darkness..., the basic qualities of a cultivator are still there.”

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    "Alright!" Manh Manh is very happy. Although she is always by Vuong Han's side, she does not feel lonely. On the contrary, she can actually go around the world with Vuong Han. This feeling is much greater than practicing. episode is much better. In the silent ruins, "Then let's go back and take a look, meet the master's master, that old fox that I just started to think is very unreliable, we How are they now? Isn't that his fighting strength?" that I can finally reach the level of cultivation that has taken more than 10,000 years.”

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    Of course, this was only Vuong Han's first reaction after seeing Tieu. If the man in front of him was definitely not Manh Mong, because Manh Mong and him had a very good relationship, the two of them had experienced many things. through many difficult years, so If the two could really meet each other in this place, Manh Manh would definitely immediately rush into his arms. Right now she definitely wouldn't be so calm, "Hey, Think back, it's been more than half a year since I left Tu Hai." , a total of six or seven months have passed, one month outside, a hundred million years of reincarnation, I've been gone for seven months, Tu Hai, Mong Mong and others have changed people seven times, now I don't know where it is. Perhaps the soul has already reincarnated, found a new owner, or has started a new life a long time ago, it is impossible for it to appear in this place at this time and become the center of this place. That's right, so the man named Xiao in front of me is at most similar to Mengmeng, but in reality he is not the same existence at all, and there is no way to reach Mengmeng's height in my heart ."

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    Actually, how can we become enlightened? People in states and districts will normally put on a layer of holy light when encountering such a thing again, as if water and fire were extraordinary, full of justice. However, within a few days, this incident had passed. If they really had this kind of power, they could not help but clasp their hands behind their backs, holding their stomachs to show off their power. This is not the matter of one person. , that is the individual of all states and districts, when they were first born, they had this kind of problem, so what if a money-grubbing official dies, a clique dies? people waiting eagerly behind, and 10,000 dead Yes, there are 100,000 more waiting. The scariest thing is not that the leader of a flock of sheep is a wolf in sheep's clothing, but that the whole flock is one wolf in sheep's clothing. The terrible level really makes people feel scared.

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    Still can't find it? Where is he hiding? We've been searching for the demon beast for so many years, but we still haven't found his trace. This person seems to have disappeared directly, if it weren't because we just wiped out one of our strongholds on the coast. directly killed our sixteen companions, using his ability to disappear, we will directly judge him as dead! about to collapse, "And you know what! When we realized that there was something wrong in this matter, what was his fighting power at that time? The fighting power was only about a thousand points! So that's it. A kind of dregs of existence. At that time, if all our clansmen rushed forward to find him without dead ends, then perhaps it wouldn't be impossible to find him! But now? This person's combat power has reached this level of 100,000, there is a super -s existence, the companions were killed a while ago, the cultivation of these companions has been the backbone of their faction. me!!”

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    What Wang Han said was all serious. Even though he didn't know that the ability to calculate existed before, he still constantly controlled his thoughts every year, even wandering for a long time in the Star Sea, thinking. His thoughts were always in a state of alertness. relatively hard state, even if the computing power increases very small each year, it can only increase by 01 each year, or not 01, it is 00001, this small range, but how many years does he live , tens of millions of years, with this terrible accumulation of time, no matter how small the increase, it can still complete a terrifying amount of time. However, Lanning Xiaoxi unconsciously ignored what Wang Han said. From what she saw now, wasn't Wang Han only a few years older than her? This age group must be due to natural talent, otherwise there is no reasonable explanation!

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    “Manh Manh? !” Vuong Han regained consciousness, walked to the side of this thing, was thinking about whether to destroy it directly or not, then looked back and discovered that this thing was Manh Manh, "How did you become like that? Where is your original body's white hair and flesh? Why did it all disappear, leaving only the skeleton and blue eye sockets?"

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    Lanning Xiaoxi led Wang Han into what looked like an elevator. The elevator door closed. Lanning Xiaoxi arbitrarily pressed a layer. Wang Han waited for the elevator to go up or down, but the door opened That's right... that is, right then Lanning Xiaoxi pressed the floor, the elevator door opened on the other side, as if that button was the switch of the elevator door, Wang Han followed Lanning Xiaoxi in a daze. Going out the elevator door, I looked at the sign on the wall again, my good guy, just opened and closed the door, the destination has arrived.

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    Over the next hundred years, as time passed, Vuong Han gradually became a legendary existence in the mouth of a monster. At this time, in the group of monsters, a little monster was listening to old stories. The monster looked monstrous and ugly, and one pupil was full of cruelty, but when listening to the expression of this old monster, there was a bit of seriousness and fear, and the deep eyes were even scarier and more fearful than time The eyes turned back even more frightened and kept looking around.

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    That's right! If he can really join forces with us, then with his help, we can easily enter the lower world in less than a thousand years, and then can occupy the entire lower world. There is a new territory ending! Speaking of this, another monster's face showed despair, "But everything is impossible now, we can't just ignore it like this, he has reached our danger line, if we Let his combat power continue to increase, he has truly become an invincible existence for our entire clan, it is too late, this time our mission has directly failed! Then it is truly over. Already!"

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    ... The green light in Teacher Thu Nhan's head suddenly dimmed. Hearing the teacher say that, he calmed down, "Even though I said that, I can't be angry! Only accepting disciples but not accepting things, This bastard of Lanning Wanghan is really troublesome! If I can't find a way to regain some dignity from this bastard in the future, I'm afraid I won't be able to practice in the future! What is the purpose of my cultivation! Isn't it just to make these people sincerely respect me, learn about their status, talk to me well, no matter how big or small, act arrogantly!"

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    "Will change." An Kha said faintly, squatting in the corner of the room to talk normally, then directly answered Porphyrin's doubts below, "You certainly also discovered some special conditions outside. The courtyard. It can be said that there are no monsters outside the courtyard. You people from Wanguchi or Penglai coming here is useless, unless you really have the guts to do it. Get close to the true birthplace of monsters, which is the sea. Otherwise, if you come here just for fun, no low-level monsters will come to bother you. They all retreat into the sea, preparing to wait. wait There's a big war, there's still me' I'll tell you who started it all, you'll remember and you'll be very surprised."

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    Also, how can I close the connection between Dimension and Ancient Tank? I need to seal the sky. Only in this way can I reduce the situation where the world I live in will one day turn into this yuan. Depressing situation. Vuong Han sat on the platform in the ruins and practiced silently. While practicing, he looked at the darkness around him, and at the same time he was drawing up a plan for himself. In his mind, he thought about the relationship between humans and beasts in front of the Relics left by the war between the worlds, "just a battle in the same world can destroy both sides to the point of death." If the sky mark really falls, if the monsters of this world run into the world where I am, then for the power of these monsters, it is definitely a devastating blow to humanity. No one could survive such a battle. Could it be just a short year? Two years? The entire world would be covered by this soil, Completely destroyed destroyed and disappeared. But after thinking about it, is there anything similar to the temple on Skyline in Wangu Pond or Penglai? It's just that some warriors who have the heart of the temple in this place can't bear to go , maybe when we come back, there will only be monsters.”

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    “Not rough!” Manh Manh didn't know whether to laugh or cry or turn his head to look at the hallway, the hallway was still very quiet, "Okay, we can't do anything now, we can only do this first, then master please train my body." First, I will eat more oil lamps and see if I can return to my original appearance. If possible, I am willing to sacrifice a few decades of your life, master."

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    "Ha ha, if you want to register for assessment, we will definitely agree to accept your registration for assessment. Otherwise, how can we become sr level teachers?" After the tree man finished speaking, he emphasized the two words sr, then also looked at Vuong Han, "It's okay, we just have time now, so let's go to the appraisal room, I'll give you a chance to appraise it here! "

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    "So what should we do now? Don't you want to accept this person as a disciple? Accepting a disciple here, we have to take a lot of risks. In the end, if this disciple doesn't have any way to return, become a teacher." , we'll be in trouble." Another teacher sat down. Looking down at Ms. Shuren, he said with a very worried look, "If not, let's discuss it ourselves, since we're already at the SR level like us. ta. I don't want to see my friend about this problem. “Somersault… well, then here comes the question, do you feel this person is really the one who released Leiyun?”